News from Londesborough and beyond

Students at Hullett Central School recently spent time knitting mittens for the homeless. From left are Keira Hoekmeijer, Mia Greydanus and Carleigh Dale. Handout

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Hullett Central School’s food drive kickoff was Nov. 22. Students could wear pajamas for the day by bringing in a snack item. Day 1 was a huge success with a total of 146 snack food items and $158 brought in. We thank the families for their generosity.

Our food drive is to support the CKNX Relief Truck campaign that collects food for the North Huron community. Every class at Hullett is in a competition about which can bring in the most food items over the week of the drive.

Mrs. Sygrove, the Hullett school librarian, asked a few students here at Hullett if they would like to learn to make mittens for the homeless. Mrs. Sygrove is the librarian at Huron Centennial as well where they also make mitts. She thought students from Hullett might like to join the project.

She sends the finished mitts to a non-denominational group at the Berea Lutheran Church in Goderich. These organizers send them off to the homeless in cities like Toronto, Owen Sound, London, Sarnia, Ottawa and Goderich to keep their hands warm in cold weather.

The students who do the loom knitting take it home and work on it at night and in the day, and Mrs. Sygrove works on it at home also. We make the mitts using a loom knitter and yarn.

Knitter Keira Hoekmeijer says, “I like making mitts for the homeless because I feel bad for the people in this world who are freezing in the cold weather and I also think that doing the knitting thing is very relaxing. It makes me feel good in two ways.”

Have you got your favourite Advent calendar ready? Sunday was Dec. 1 and Day 1 for a surprise. Advent is the countdown to the birth of Jesus. Religious groups participated in this custom up to 1,600 years ago. For a time they used wreaths with candles for the period lighting a new candle each week.

Gerhard Lang of Germany recalled how his mother had sewn 24 cookies into the lid of a box, allowing him one each day. This memory prompted him to produce the first printed Advent calendar early in the 20th century. Early calendars featured chocolates in the pockets or behind doors. Originally these calendars were geared to children. Many still are.

The popularity of these calendars has grown immensely and companies are producing calendars that appeal to all ages and to everyone’s personal taste. Now the adult calendars can hold jewelry, bath, beauty and home/work products, gourmet foods and items catering to a person’s hobbies, likes and more.

I’m a fan of the David’s Tea calendar. This year Tiffany has made only four calendars with a price tag of $112,000 US. Advent calendars are a fun gift!

Londesborough United Church is looking for volunteers to operate their video system for Sunday morning services. Erin Yantzi, whose family has been doing this task for quite some time now, is hoping to get enough volunteers that she can make up a schedule. She claims it is a pretty easy job – just push the button – and all ages are encouraged to offer their help. Students can earn volunteer hours by participating in this hour of activity. Erin would be pleased to hear from you!


Christmas potluck

The ladies of the Londesborough UCW can frequently be found in a group discussing a variety of issues, ideas, plans, and news. They did that again on Mon., Nov. 18 when they gathered in the church basement for their annual Christmas Pot Luck. The group leading the evening’s meditation took it one step farther.

Dressed in outdoor apparel and pretending to be standing on a corner in the center of Londesborough in front of a store window they were interviewed by the “Camera in the Country” TV Show. The interviewer was interested in what Christmas means to each of them. Each of the ladies offered her personal favourites like Christmas music, giving and receiving presents, shopping, decorating, Christmas lights, cards and food. But the message the ladies in the skit wanted to convey was that Christmas means far more than any of this. It is the birthday of Christ and we should all include Him in our Christmas celebrations.

Later in the evening three ladies were thanked for their dedication to Londesborough’s UCW by receiving Life Membership pins – Helen Lyons, Dorothy Bogie and Erin Yanzi.

A bountiful pot luck meal and a carol sing were also part of a lovely evening.