Huron could benefit as GTA’s studio space for filming becomes scarce

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With studio space in the Greater Toronto Area at a premium, the Huron County Economic Development Board is looking to capitalize on the need with a report from Rick Sickinger, acting tourism officer for Huron County, outlining ways to attract future projects.

The report from Sickinger comes one month after the film Trigger Point wrapped up Bayfield.

Studio space is and has been filling up in Toronto.

Those backlogs and the need for space could become a benefit to areas such as Huron County.

According to Sickinger’s report, an inventory of unique and desirable film locations is available in Huron County. The ‘off-season’ of tourism into the area would coincide with productions needing to shoot in small towns with minimal interference to residents and the space to accommodate production vehicles and a basecamp is readily available.

“We see lots of potential in Huron County as a film location and we’re perhaps not on the radar and a little underutilized,” said Sickinger.


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Economic Development staff has been participating in bi-weekly meetings of a Municipal Regional Film Group, made up of representatives from 14 Southwestern Ontario municipalities working to have more film production in their jurisdictions.

According to Sickinger’s report: “The group has reached out to Ontario Creates, the live music and film production arm of the Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Cultural Industries. The Municipal Regional Film Group is seeking a working partnership with Ontario Creates to develop the province’s film industry beyond the GTA and Hamilton.”

In a bid to entice film, Ontario Creates arranged to have a location scout come to Huron County to photograph several locations to add to their filming location database.

To date, 20 locations around Huron County have been added to the data base which provides film producers with a snapshot look into an area to see if it meets their requirements for the scene.

Among the locations are the Menesetung Bridge, Goderich Lighthouse, Millennium Trail, Pioneer Park in Bayfield, Four Winds Barn in Brussels and the Grand Bend Raceway.